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Tony Kowalski

Page history last edited by Bolthy 3 months, 4 weeks ago

Saint of Signs and Signposts

Aspect 1

Domain 0

Persona 5

Treasure 0


Estate Properties

Signs direct and inform (3)

Signs are not the signified (2)

Signs can take you there (2)


Passions, Skills, and Superior Attributes

Cool (1)

Shine (3)

I'll show you the way (3)

Civil Engineer (1)


Bonds and Afflictions

Bond: I follow the posted speed limit (2)

Affliction: I can never get lost (5)

Bond: The Edmonton Oilers are the greatest team in the history of hockey (3)

Afflication: I must give directions when asked (3)




Gatemaker +3

Sovereign's Gift







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