Calliope, Correlation's Regal

Aspect: 0

Domain: 5

Persona: 3

Treasure: 0


Estate Properties

Correlation Can Be Comedy (1)

Correlation Is Sometimes Causality (2)

Correlation Makes Things Happen in Sequence (3)

Correlation Is Magic (1)


Passions, Skills, & Superior Attributes

Games of Chance (-1)

Word Gives Events Meaning (4)

Driving (2)

Storytelling (2)


Bonds & Afflictions

(Affliction) I can't be surprised (3)

(Affliction) I must know the End of the Story (1)

(Bond) I love Overly-Clever Plans (4)

(Bond) I am Lucky (5)



Eternal (p229): You can ignore any physical and environmental condition short of gross physical injury — and even then, you don’t really get hurt, since you can ignore the shock and pain and such, your performance just degrades. If you can survive the first few seconds, you might even manage to stabilize your condition after a beheading or dismemberment. You’re basically a self-sustaining system, living off of miraculous energy rather than food, water, air, or anything like that. You do not age.

Luck (p236): You can spend a single Persona MP to invoke good fortune for yourself. You may choose the general nature of this good fortune, but you cannot define the details — at that point, it’s not luck but dictation!




Destiny: 16