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Page history last edited by Dawn 5 months, 1 week ago

Art by Calum Alexander Watt


Proserpine, Saint of Psychopomps

Aspect: 3

Domain: 0

Persona: 0

Treasure: 5


Estate Properties:

Psychopomps convey souls to their final resting place (2)

Psychopomps offer vengeance to restless souls (2)

Psychopomps change shape to fit expectations (1)

Psychopomps cross borders with ease (2)


Bonds and Afflictions:

I'll hunt you down (affliction, 3)

I see your fate (affliction, 4)

I love my helpers (bond, 2)

I can be summoned to ferry souls (bond, 4)

All psychopomps are under my sway (bond, 5)


Passions, Skills, and Superior Attributes:

I am deserving of respect (2)

Medicine (0)

Sharp-Shooter (1)

Horse-Riding (0)

Cool (3)

Shine (2)

Magic (Healing) (3)



Elusive (Miracle Level 3, Attribute Domain, Invocation Auto, Area Self, Flexibility Limited, Common Yes, Final Cost 1CP)


Destiny: 4



Common minions: horsesdeerdogswhip-poor-willsravenscrowsvulturesowlssparrows, and cuckoos. Never cats.

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