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Knowhere, Baron of the Lost

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Aspect: 1

Domain: 1

Persona: 2

Treasure: 4


Estate Properties

Family of Last Recourse: 3

The Lost Can Be Found: 2

Neglected Routes: 2


Passions, Skills, & Superior Attributes

Hide: 2

Hunt: 1

Gather the Lost: 2

Vision: 3


Bonds & Afflictions

(Bond) Archives of the Lost: 3

(Bond) The Lost Boys: 4

(Bond) Memory of Lost Things: 2

(Affliction) Hymn for the Hymnless: 3

(Affliction) Don't Fence Me In: 3

(Affliction) Of All The Things I Miss, I Miss My Mind The Most: 2



Holy Symbol - A broken arrow in an x-shape, worn on a leather cord around his neck.


Relevant Established Anchors

Jerimiah--frog tucked away in Village in the Marsh

Lazlo--Street kid/Lost Boy in Istanbul

Gregor--African climbing Mouse watching anomaly space in Tanzania.

Michael Smith--Former Lost Boy, died/not-died of drowning in New Orleans in Katrina in 2005.

Wayne--Lost Boy with companion pitbull, U-District Seattle.


Personal Destiny: 16


Notes: Best described as if Lee Pace's Thranduil from The Hobbit films got really into the heroin for a little while. Often a bit spacey and distant, he doesn't like being contained and is a fierce defender of the defenseless and lost. Patron of runaway children, he enfolds those who are TRULY lost into his pack of feral children in the woods, his Lost Boys. He dresses in layers in greens and browns--baggy pants, boots, long-sleeve shirt with no collar under a knit wool vest under a collar-up leather jacket under a tweed long coat with bone buttons. He gives off the vibe of a well-homeless ex-junkie trying to make a good impression in polite society.

When shit gets real, he has a pair of antiquated though still quite deadly hand-axes he materializes from within his coats (originally lost by a viking sometime in 997 AD).





Project 1

Someone is taking Knowhere's name in vain, commiting foul acts and attributing them to Knowhere.

That person must be found and made example of.

(Earned 5 Destiny towards completion of the project)


Project 2

The Village in the Marsh is an Excrution harbor for evil and criminals, namely Kypria who might have been impersonating Knowhere and commiting crimes in his name for at least 10 years (maybe 15 if also responsible for death of Lost Boy Michael Smith in New Orleans--currently credted to Hurricane Katrina in 2005). The shard realm of The Village in the Marsh is a tumor that needs to be excised from the world, and I am determined to find the pathways to the realm and sever/lose them.

(Earned 3 Destiny, havving located the historical roots of the Village in the Marsh as Kerr, Scotland.)

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