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Page history last edited by Dawn 7 months, 3 weeks ago

“Our lord and domicile.” - Tony


“Let me remove the snake for you. I didn’t want to reach into your lap without explaining.” - Knowhere


Calliope explains how our Uber XL doesn’t get into any accidents.

“So is what you’re saying is this car is hashtag blessed.” - Dawn


“If the four of us can’t get the Tower of Terror working safely and efficiently.” - Brad

“Back up a couple words.” - Dawn


“Is it the ride we’re on?” - Brad

“It is now.” - GM


“Can’t stop, won’t stop.” - Proserpine


“Unless it rolls into the front of the car ...” - Knowhere

“Yeah, then I know I forfeit it.” - Calliope


“You’re going to miracle the murder clowns into helpers?” - GM

”Yes.” - Brad




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