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Proserpine, Saint of Psychopomps - Dawn

Knowhere, Baron of the Lost - Nate

Tony Kowalski, Saint of Signposts - Brad 

Calliope, Correlation's Regal - Mathew




The House of the Red Door

  • Iughulkon ("Yukon"), Imperator of Psychopomps, Signposts, Correlation, and the Lost
  • Paco - an owl
  • Melville - steward and librarian
  • Lost Boys
    • Lazlo - Street Kid in Istanbul
    • Michael Smith - Street kid from New Orleans, presumed dead in Hurricane Katrina
  • Other Lost
    • Jeremiah, a frog tasked with watching the Village in the Marsh
    • Gregor, a mouse tasked with watching the attack site in the Serengeti 



The city behind the city. 

  • Ananda, Imperator of Murder, the Infinite, and the Fourth Age


The City of Stars

  • Chronos, Imperator of Time
  • Didi, Power of Death 
  • Charlie, Power of Endings 


Deimos Beach

  • Lindsa Sallo, Power of Dread
  • Kabias, Power of Silence 


Locus Entropy 

A rugged island in the Atlantic Ocean. 

  • Lord Entropy, Imperator of Desecration, Destruction, and Scorn
  • Joktan, Scorn's Regal
  • Baalhermon, Destruction's Regal
  • Meon, Desecration's Regal 


The Locust Court

  • Surolam, Imperator of Willpower, Law, and the Broken Hearted


The Orrery

  • Gabriel, Angel of Prophecy
  • Reinhold, Sorrow's Regal
  • Maggie, Power of Joy  


The Shadowed Land

  • Nyx, Magister of the Dark
  • Josephine Crane, Saint of Vengeance 
  • Dave, Bodhisattva of the Purrlands
  • Beatrice, Power of the Nine Hells 


The Shattered Tower

  • Zaffre, Magister of the Wild
  • Max, Saint of Gibberish 


Threshold of the Flaming Sword

  • Uriel, Angel 
  • Magdamn Lee, Power of Innocence Lost




The Village in the Marsh


  • Kypria Medulline, Deceiver Excrucian
  • Leobald Fassianon, Excrucian Shard 




  • Tycho, Pawn of Coincidence



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